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Calculator User Acceptance Test Cases

Now these tests can be documented into test cases, which can also be caused script, as it's a script of instructions.

Don't get confused with the word 'scripting' in the UAT context, as it does not necessarily mean writing technically orientated software.

On the following pages, the Calculator UAT tests have been documented as Test Cases. The steps involved in each test, are known as 'Actions'.

For more information on Test Cases, please refer to the course 'Introduction to Testing'.

(i) Add two numbers together

A UAT test case to add two numbers together would be,

Table 1

(ii) Subtract a number from another number

A UAT test case to subtract a number from another number would be,

Table 2

(iii) Divide a number by another number

A simple UAT test to divide a number by another number would be,

Table 3

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