Citrix Training

Citrix Training Introduction

This Citrix training course is not a concise or definitive guide to Citrix products but an introduction to build a foundation to learning about Citrix products.

I expect the people who will use this training, to not have any prior knowledge of Citrix technologies. This may already include technical people who may have heard the 'Citrix' word, but not fully understood what it meant.

Many courses about Citrix products are too technical from the outset and adopt the approach of beginning to run before learning how to walk. If this course had followed the same lines, a lot more on ICA port 1494, port 2598, LHC (Local Host Cache), DSMAINT to the IMA Service would have been introduced from the outset of the course.

Such terms are not introduced in this introductory course, simply to stop people being frightened off by a technology overload. Learning should be fun and relaxed, as this improves the learning experience. This is why this course uses a gentle introductory approach to learning technology.

This is not a definitive guide to Citrix and it's technologies. This course was designed primarily to take some of the mystery away from Citrix and it's technologies. Allowing people to learn the basics and then take this foundation material and build upon it.