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I'm developing 4 training courses which I believe could help beginners find the right career path into IT.

And guess what? I plan to make these training courses completely FREE!

There's no need to waste thousands on training courses which once you've enrolled, you may not find suitable. By which time it will probably be too late for a refund and that hard earned money paid in course fees will have been wasted.

I'm creating training courses which could help you in becoming a Citrix Administrator, User Acceptance Tester or a Web Analyst. I am also working on further training courses, such as PMO.

£250 a day

Typically Citrix Administrators can earn a good income, I regularly see contracts paying upwards of £250, with salaried positions offering upwards of £35,000 and more.

Citrix is a niche area, where there can be a shortage of potential employees, so getting a job when you sort of nearly have all the skills is possible compared to other areas of IT.

I'm a Citrix Consultant and this has given me a comfortable income working as a freelancer.

If I took a salaried job then I could probably earn £80,000 a year, along with a company car, decent health and pension plan, with the possibility of a bonus too. However, I prefer contracting and maybe I may go salaried at a later date but not yet.

It's taking quite a lot of my free time to develop these training courses and at times trying to juggle a full time job with also being a parent has been difficult, but I'm persevering.

User Acceptance Tester

This is one of the easiest jobs in IT to do, as it doesn't involve a deep understanding of technologies.

I trained one of my friends who used to work as a delivery driver and they commented, it was not as difficult as they expected.

Typically acceptance testers can earn £200 upwards a day, obviously some earn substantially more and this tends to depend on the type of business involved.

For example banks, especially Investment Banks will pay very high rates, maybe £500 a day, while government jobs will pay lower rates, £200 or slightly lower per day. The rates really depend on what the market is willing to pay and this can fluctuate.

I'm also developing a course called 'Quality Assurance & Quality Control' to provide a grounding in Quality Assurance, Quality Control including testing. These are essential skills in the corporate world today and knowing these skills, have made me even more successful.

Web Analyst

A web analysts role does not have to be overly technical and there are many of these roles which are not, paying well too. It's not too difficult to find typical rates of £300 to £400 a day.

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Please check back regularly, as I will add the link to the FREE courses when they are ready.