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IT Career advice decides success or failure

Getting the right IT career advice is all that is needed to succeed in IT. On the flip side, getting the wrong advice can end up being catastrophic for any career aspirations.

Understanding the need for getting the right advice is the easy part, the difficult bit is finding someone or some organisation who can give actually give the right advice, becomes a problem in itself for many people struggling to find a way into IT.

It's not really the fault of those new to IT as it's quite easy to be mesmerised and enticed by what looks like a great opportunity. Especially when these IT newbies have no knowledge of how the world of IT actually works.

These IT newbies will end up giving the so called 'experts' the benefit of the doubt and trust the quality of advice they offer.

When the inevitable happens as the advice of these so called experts is followed, irrespective of whether it is correct, the downward spiral of broken dreams begins. Any chance of success is stopped dead in its tracks and it becomes too late to save the cost and time involved.

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There are many people and organisations out there who are only interested in making money from people's dreams and aspirations of a career in IT with little or no regard about whether these people succeed or not.

To these rogues, profit is the only factor and they have no compassion for those wanting a career in IT, who simply become their victims.

This is the way of the world, there are those who have the compassion and purpose to do good and then there's those who only care about making a quick buck, with little consequence of the fallout they leave behind.

So let me reiterate one of the most important factors in succeeding in IT again,

it's vitally important to make sure you get the right it career advice.

Because if you don't, the sharks will profit from you and you will end up wasting valuable time and money chasing a dream, which simply won't materialise.

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In any trade if you don't know about the in's and out's then the best placed people to tell you are, those who already work in that particular trade. There's little benefit in relying on information provided by those who are not involved directly.

It's like taking my judgement on living in Argentina as gospel, even though I've never lived in Argentina or in fact been there.

My understanding of the ups and downs of life in Argentina are only going to be what I've read and seen on television, or even heard from others. It's not going to be an accurate account as you would expect from someone who's actually been and lived there.

Likewise when it comes to understanding IT, you need to get advice from someone who's already in IT and is successful in IT. As they will give you a better insight into what's required.

Someone like me, as I've already 'seen it, done it and bought the t-shirt' as they say, with my career in IT. I find it very annoying as well as frustrating to see so many people sold promises which amount to very little.

Impartial IT advice

There's no need to worry about searching high and low for someone who can give you the right help. This website was set up to help those who are interested in a IT career by telling them the truth and pointing them in the right direction.

Be rest assured, as I'm no training company, I have nothing to gain from trying to put you on the wrong path. I'm not trying to sell you over priced training materials either, to profit out of you.

I already have a successful career in IT and am only interested in making sure you can see the big picture by offering advice which is impartial and more importantly, it's going to be based on fact.

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In conclusion, it vitally important to understand that getting the wrong ../computer-and-it-careers/">IT career advice can send you down the wrong path. This can lead to lost opportunities and potentially can become a costly exercise, not just in terms of money but also the wasted time spent on a fruitless journey.