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Whilst it may be credible for a beginner to acquire the knowledge and technical know-how from swotting up on technical books and using evaluation software. Getting valuable work experience has and always will be difficult.

This means when it comes to applying for jobs, the competition faced by the IT beginner is incredibly strong. With only those with relevant experience to back up their knowledge succeeding.

This creates an uneven playing field, where many applicants especially those looking for their first opportunity, are deemed unsuitable and are therefore overlooked.

Such rejection is not only demoralising but can keep some very capable people out of IT. Especially people with skills other than IT which are desperately needed by businesses.

IT careers ladder

Getting on the IT careers ladder was a problem I too faced and whilst I was lucky getting my first break, I've never forgotten how bad the year was before gaining my break into IT had been.

I remember how nearly every job I applied for seemed to want vast amounts of experience. I didn't get a single reply to my job applications and felt as though my job application was just thrown into the bin, just like my hopes and dreams.

Voluntary IT jobs

I was at the point of giving up when I found out about a voluntary role through a friend and as I had nothing to lose I applied.

The person who interviewed me, quickly realised I'd never had a job in IT before but fortunately they saw some other quality, which could help in the role. They offered me the role and the rest is history.

Today I'm working as a successful Solutions Architect with a multitude of technologies under my belt and I owe it all to that first big break.

IT big break

Unfortunately for many people the opportunity to get their foot in the door is severely limited, even volunteer roles are extremely competitive to get into, these days.

These people just never get the big break and end up dreaming about a career in IT instead of actually working in IT.

IT courses for beginners

Since my big break, I've always had a burning desire to help others get into IT. I originally looked at doing a course for beginners about the technology I specialised in at the time, but hit a major problem.

Even by completing such a course successfully, there still would be limited chances of getting a job, as without on the job experience, it would be difficult in proving your capable of doing the job.

Anyway who's going to hire someone with no experience when they've got hundreds to thousands of other applicants to choose from who are actually experienced?

So I decided to find an area of IT which was flexible and could be learned quickly, but most importantly allowed virtually anyone to build up valuable experience in their own time. Experience which could be used to prove their capability of doing the job during job applications.

Good news for IT job hunters

The good news is I've found an area of IT which is truly remarkable, it's very much in demand and as such there are always plenty of opportunities.

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../it-training/" alt="Best IT opportunities for beginners">Best IT Opportunities for beginners.