QA, QC & Testing

More than reliability

Reliability is generally viewed as an indicator of quality. It would be unfair to assume that this is the only indicator. Whilst reliability can be a good indicator of the quality of a product other factors can be far more important.

A car which had an impeccable reliability record and always came in the top ten for reliability surveys, hid a lethal secret.

During medium to heavy frontal impacts, the chances of walking away were next to nil.

The car's front simply disintegrated upon impact leading to severe injuries to the driver and passengers.

Whilst this vehicle produced exceptional revenue streams for the manufacturer.

The losses from the injuries and fatalities produced from frontal impacts wiped out the profit.

The manufacturer had to make quality improvements to ensure that the vehicle's profits were not further decimated by losses from litigation.

By improving the design, introducing crumple zones and assessing the effectiveness of changes made, the manufacturer increased the quality of the vehicle from more than just being incredibly reliable.


 • Mission of any organisation is to produce quality products.

 • Quality products can reduce potential losses and help sell more products

 • Greatest loss of all is human life, which must be avoided at all costs.

 • Reliability is not a guaranteed indicator of quality.