QA, QC & Testing

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Course Structure

Welcome to the Quality Assurance & Quality Control training page. I have developed this course to focus on what's required to understand Quality Assurance & Quality Control. Many of you may have heard of Quality Assurance & Quality Control but whay does it actually involve? Hopefully by progressing through this course, you will attain a better understanding.

To attain maximum benefit from this course, it is highly advisable that the modules are followed in order, as each module builds upon what is learnt from the preceding module.

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Quality Assurance & Quality Control Training Course - QIP003

Course Overview

How to use the UAT Training course

Module 1


Module 1.1

Quality Mission


More than reliability

Module 2


Module 2.1

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance misunderstood

Quality Assurance defined

Quality Assured

Module 2.2

Quality Control

Quality Control defined

Quality Assurance or Quality Control?


Waste of Quality Control?

Quality Assurance and Quality Control working together

Module 2.3


Understanding Requirements

Requirement Types

Requirements in action

Requirement gathering

Requirements ‐ The big picture

Checking Requirements

Module 3


Module 3.1

Testing defined

Understanding Testing

More than just requirements

Errors, Faults and Failure

Module 3.2

Importance of Testing

Why testing is needed?

Module 3.3


Making the unknown known by testing

Testing is verification

Module 3.4

Types of Testing

Testing types

White Box testing

Black Box testing

Module 4

Detailed Testing

Module 4.1

Functional Testing

Functional Testing analysed

Detailed Functional Testing

Module 4.2

Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing analysed

Performance Testing

Load Testing

Stress Testing








Module 5

Testing Conditions

Module 5.1

Testing under normal conditions

Normal Conditions

Module 5.2

Testing under abnormal conditions

Abnormal Conditions

Good and the bad

The Ugly

Real life ugly data

Global markets

Module 6

Testing Requirements

Module 6.1


How much testing is required?

Level of risk

Level of testing

Millennium Bug

Module 6.2

Documenting Testing


Expected results

Test cases

Test Recording

Introducing Bad and Ugly data

Additional Testing