QA, QC & Testing

Requirement - the big picture

Some organisations fail to even have any requirements at all, let alone complete a set of requirements. These organisations run the risk of developing products that customers don't really want or don't work as expected by customers. Leading to potential tend to develop products that fail ?

Requirements must be viewed as a giant jigsaw. When only all the individual pieces are put together is there a clear picture of the product to be developed.

With only a part finished jigsaw, the bigger picture can be unclear. As such the risk of developing a product which might not be marketable increases.

Checking Requirements

How can the requirements be checked to ensure they have been met?

When a product has been produced, it must be checked against what was specified in the requirements to ensure that it has been developed as specified.

The checking of the product against its requirements is a form of quality control known as testing.

By testing it is not only possible to be sure that the requirements have been met but also reduce the impact of any issues that could arise.

The carton manufacturers who incurred additional costs to rectify their carton designs. For them it would have been more prudent to actually test some prototype designs with a number of potential customers who would use such cartons.

These potential customers could have been selected from different parts of the community. This could have helped in pointing out any particular customer type, such as the elderly, as having problems opening these cartons.

Measures could have then been taken to rectify the design to counteract the problems faced by the elderly. Thus saving the organisation millions of pounds from having to do it later.


 • Just because something is the safest, securest and most aesthetic doesn't mean it will sell.

 • Insufficient or incorrect requirements can be a costly exercise to rectify.

 • Requirements are needed to check against, to prove the quality of a product.

 • Requirement gathering is important to ensure that the design and build is something that someone will want.