QA, QC & Testing

Test Recording

It is imperative that proper test recording is done in a format that is acceptable.

By recording test results in this manner, if there is any recourse later on from other people involved with the product or service, then proper documented evidence is available.

Take the MOT test, if we conduct this test using the test case method, we can construct a test as shown below:

Quality Assurance 18

The above example and the one on the next page, have all assumed the use of data that is normal.

So for example turning the steering wheel in a manner that would be used on a daily basis.

Quality Assurance 19

Introducing Bad And Ugly Data

Test cases also allow us to introduce bad and even ugly data. If we run through the above steering wheel test cases but this time substitute the good data with bad and ugly data. It becomes apparent that test cases are an excellent way of running tests

The Test Case below, uses data which is bad data, as this would not be the expected behaviour of the person using the steering wheel on a daily basis.

But what happens if the vehicle is going to be used off road or for rallying?

Then the violent turning of the steering wheel may be a commonplace in such a situation.

Quality Assurance 20

In the next test case the extreme is used that is ugly data.

Quality Assurance 21

Here what is least expected in the daily driving habit of a typical car driver is done, that is driving at high speed in reverse and turning the steering wheel abruptly from one side to the other.


 • It is very important to record tests in a manner that is accountable to all those involved with the product.

 • By knowing what the outcome should be (expected result) it can be determined whether a test has passed or failed.

 • The expected result should be positive and any deviation will be a failure.

 • Test cases should include bad and ugly data as well as good data.