UAT Training

UAT Training Course Structure

Welcome to the UAT Training page. I have developed this course to focus on what's required to understand UAT Training. Hopefully by progressing through this course, you will attain a better understanding.

To attain maximum benefit from this course, it is highly advisable that the modules are followed in order, as each module builds upon what is learnt from the preceding module.

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UAT Training Course - QIP002


Course Overview

How to use the UAT Training course

Module 1


Module 1.1

Testing Overview

Test Phases

Testing Standards

Module 2

Acceptance Testing

Module 2.1

Acceptance Fundamentals

What is Acceptance Testing?


Types of acceptance testing


Acceptance by proxy

Positive testing

Module 2.2

Operational Acceptance

What is Operational Acceptance Testing?

Operational Acceptance testing examples

Module 2.3

Production Acceptance

What is Production Acceptance Testing?

Production Acceptance Testing examples

Module 2.4

User Acceptance

What is User Acceptance Testing?

User Acceptance Testing examples

Module 3

User Acceptance

Module 3.1

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing defined


Job Opportunities

UAT roles

Module 3.2

Simple User Acceptance Test

Module 4

Test Scripting

Module 4.1

Introduction to scripting

Test Script Requirements

Simple Test Scripts

Advanced Test Scripts

Test Case Development

Calculator User Acceptance Test script

Calculator User Acceptance Test Cases

WordPad User Acceptance Test Script

WordPad User Acceptance Test Cases

Module 4.2

Business UAT

Business Applications

Business Application User Acceptance Testing

Business Application User Acceptance Test Cases