IT Training Tips

Entry level computer jobs

When I started looking for entry level computer jobs, I didn't have a clue about computers or the computing industry, which is better known as the Information Technology (IT) industry.

I was just a guy who worked in the mail room of a large company, looking for a career change. I was desperate for something different which had prospects unlike my boring job working in the mail room.

I'd heard so many stories about the fantastic incomes and careers in the IT industry. I decided that this was where I wanted to be.

Prior to this I'd tried to get into accountancy but couldn't find the free time to commit to night school. As I needed the overtime from mail room just job to survive.

Computer job adverts

I'd seen many adverts for guaranteed jobs on offer on completion of MCSE training and I decided to find out more. On the surface they seemed a great deal BUT I couldn't afford the thousands they wanted for the training.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine was at hand to advise me on the best course of action to secure one of the entry level computer jobs. Because my friend already worked in IT, he was able to tell me what was a good opportunity and what was merely hype designed by training companies to make money off you.

A+ Certification

When I asked my friend whether it would be worthwhile doing the A+ certification or even the MCSE certification. He told me to not even think about it, as the competition for jobs would be incredibly fierce and I wouldn't stand a chance in getting a decent paid job.

I added that I'd seen adverts for guaranteed jobs for completion of MCSE training. To which my friend said that the jobs on guaranteed jobs on offer are generally dead end jobs. Which generally don't lead to any career progression.

That's the last thing I wanted too, to move from a dead end job in the mail room to a dead end job working with computers.

Exams and more exams

I did not want to spend all my precious free time either, studying for exam after exam, like the MCSE, where you could end up doing 7 exams. Just thinking about sitting 7 exams, with each one 2 to 3 hours long, isn't something that I want to do.


My friends advice to follow a career in Citrix technology was the turning point in my life. As this gave me the stepping stone on to greater things in life.

Whilst I would still advocate a career in using Citrix technologies today, it's a lot harder than when I was looking at getting in to IT. However, there is still a shortage of people with good Citrix skills and the job boards are always advertising opportunities.

Hot IT careers

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