IT Training Tips

IT Training

It is very important you choose the right IT training otherwise it's going to be a painful learning experience.

Rubbish training in IT

Rubbish training in IT is everywhere and you have to be extra careful, DO NOT get fooled into paying for substandard training which is just rubbish.

Poor quality training will not increase your chances of getting a job OR progressing up the IT career ladder. It will just waste your time and hard earned money.

Best training in IT

You need quality training that can give you skills employers need and are prepared to pay well for.

I can help you get access to FREE* training which could dramatically increase your chances of getting in demand skills and could lead to employment in a IT related job.

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FREE* IT training

Remember DO NOT get fooled by the hype of some IT training companies, because you could end up struggling to find a decent job in IT after completing their training courses.

IT training and work experience

The most important aspect of any training is to make sure it increases the chances of getting a job in IT. Therefore it's vitally important, the training provides some form of practical experience which can be used to prove to prospective employers you're capable of doing the job you're applying for.

Actually, the practical experience provided by the training must also give the trainee a real insight into how the various parts of a IT job are undertaken. Otherwise, moving from the training environment into a work environment will be a very stressful experience.

I've seen many people who've wormed their way into an IT job and struggled to cope, because they don't even understand the basics. This has led them to become incredibly stressed, as they battle to achieve what is expected of them.

I mentioned in one of my articles on this website about the person who on their first day at work, had said,

"I'll be back in 5 minutes, I just need to get something from my car",

Who then never came back and I was told later by their agent this person had phoned to say they felt out of their depth and that's why they had left. This is an extreme example, but it does happen.

Another instance was a guy who had been hired to change modem cards in several computers. Every time staff went to check on how they were doing, they noticed how stressed this individual was. Eventually this person quit but not until they'd caused several hundred pounds worth of damage to the computers they were working on and this was down to sheer incompetence.

Training companies

So many IT training companies are ripping people off, by selling them sub-standard training. This is one of my pet hates as these rogue training companies have no real intention of delivering quality training to help people find jobs in IT. They are only interested in maximising their revenue.

It's vital therefore to ensure the quality of training, is not only sufficient to get a job in IT but also provides the practical know how of how to do the job. This is why I spent so much time setting up my own training based on real jobs in IT.