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First IT Job?

It can be difficult to find your first IT job especially for those with little technical experience. This leads to opportunities becoming limited to support jobs which may not necessarily be the best jobs.

For graduates, it's a pretty dire situation too and I try to find out why are UK IT Graduates struggling to find opportunities? Programming can also be a difficult area and programming jobs can be difficult to get.

I've recently been contacted by job finding services organisations which allegedly could find me a technical job. I'm very sceptical about these services as there are strings attached.

IT Recruitment

Recruitment agencies, are they complete idiots? Well, I'd have to agree that most of the agencies I've dealt with have had their fair number of idiots working there. Who've complicated matters for me. Then there's the recruitment tricks these agencies use against those looking for work.

Contracting and Freelancing

Contracting has been very good to me, as it's allowed me to earn a lot more than doing an equivalent salaried role. Find out more about this form of working as a freelancer.


Tech interviews ruined by techies, looks at the unsuccessful interviews I've had, which were ruined by Techies. Who simply didn't know what interviewing is all about. I've also been privy to some pretty shocking tech interviews as well.

The right interview questions can catch out incompetent interview candidates, who are trying to blagg their way into technology roles.