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Welcome to my IT training advice website, created to give people 'inside information' on how to improve their chances of getting their first job in IT. As well as helping those who may be stuck on the career ladder and are looking for other opportunities to enhance their career.

You see, by knowing someone on the inside, that is, someone who already works successfully in IT (which is me). You could find out what's HOT and what's NOT in the world of tech. This could end up saving you a lot of time, effort, money and more importantly stop you from being one of the many people, who end up following the wrong career paths.

If you're thinking what does this guy know about IT training anyway? Who is he to give advice about getting a job in information technology?

Well, I work in IT and have done so for nearly 15 years, with 10 years as a Senior Consultant and 5 years as a Solutions Architect. Starting out with no prior knowledge, I now earn a comfortable income each year. I've helped many people with little or no knowledge, attain rewarding careers by pointing them in the right direction.

So you could end up getting, career advice straight from the horse's mouth!

I've seen many people fall for the hype around getting high paying tech jobs and end up with shattered dreams. With many stuck in dead end jobs and missing the information technology boat completely. These people could have done so much by starting off on the right path. By knowing the tricks to success and avoiding the pitfalls.

Careers advice

The best career advice I can give is choose who to believe wisely. As choosing the wrong people to believe, can lead to disappointment. This is why it's imperative to choose the advice of someone who already works in information technology, at a successful level.

I've included many pages of information in this website which can help you understand what the real world of information technology is really like and hopefully this could help you immensely. Please visit the website regularly as I keep adding new information on a regular basis.

Careers in demand will always provide the greatest opportunity. As generally these can push up the rates and salaries paid, as employers have little choice but to offer more money to attract candidates. Another benefit may be a lowering of entry requirements for candidates. Whereby employers may take on those with less experience just to fill their job vacancies.

There are many career paths to avoid. As these will only lead to disappointment. As they'll promise more than they'll actually deliver. Early on in my career I nearly chose a PC Support job. Which could have set my career back and made me lose out financially, but fortunately I decided against this job.

Searching for entry level computer jobs or even your first computer job? There are many opportunities out there but they are disguised with many non-opportunities. These can lead to nothing more than wasted time and money.

IT Training Companies

Training companies vary greatly in what they can do for you. Some are unscrupulous and are only interested in taking your money, with little regard to really helping you attain the skills needed to succeed. These computer training companies use tricks such as training suitability tests. Or training suitability interviews. Or suitable courses for IT training.

Quality training providers can help accelerate careers but only if there is prior experience which can be built on. However the training itself can be very expensive. Watch out for the salaries quoted by some of training companies, as they can be exaggerated.

Some rogue trainers have compulsory introduction and foundation Courses. Which must be completed before they allow students to do any of their courses. These introductory courses are complete rubbish and are solely designed to make these training companies even more money!

I've noticed a lot of training companies are involved in course overpricing. Whereby they get a deal with a finance house (or bank) to provide finance for their course for their students. They use this finance opportunity to increase their course prices substantially to make even more profit. More training companies are becoming testing centres to make even more money by charging to do exams. This can become a gold mine for many.